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Poire William 45°

Poire William 45°

The pear brandy, from the Williams variety, is the most recent spirit but is now the most widespread. Aged in containers of sandstone or glass, its aroma is particularly fine and delicate.

The fruits should be harvested ripened, in these regions of predilection that are the Rhone Valley, Anjou and the South West of France. 28 kg of pears are needed to obtain one liter of brandy. Its fragility requires that the fruit be picked and transported with care.

  • Serving suggestions / Wine : The bouquet fades a little over time, so do not keep it too long. Williams pear, even more than other fruit brandies, in general, must be consumed at a very low temperature (6 ° to 8 °) because its aroma is particularly revived by the cold.

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