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The Organic Wine

Controlling yields, as well as respect for nature are the main thrust of our quality policy. In our cellars, we use the most important part of our own vineyards to develop our wines. Another part, smallest, comes from local growers.

The conduct of the vineyard is done according to voluntary and flexible specifications, with a respectful approach to the environment, excluding a large number of pesticides.

The AB certification, accepted in 2007, helped to limit the list of authorized products. But given the major constraints, 40% of our grape suppliers have not desired to follow us on this path.

The harvest years 2008, 2009, 2010, were in organic conversion phase. The AB label has been assigned at the 2011 harvest.

Then, after a change of the law, the AB logo will be replaced from the 2012 harvest by the European leaf. We no longer speak of grapes from organic farming, but of organic wine.