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Our 37.5cl Bottles

Riesling - Cuvée du Roi Clovis (DRY) (2020)

The Riesling is a dry, racy, virile wine, with exquisite fruitiness, which offers a bouquet of a great finesse with nuances sometimes mineral or floral. It is a real gastronomic wine.

Pinot Gris - Cuvée de la Reine Clotilde 37,5cl (HALF DRY)

Typical Wine with discreet complexity.

Gewurztraminer - Cuvée St Rémy 37,5cl (SEMI DRY)

It’s a typical Alsace grape variety, full-bodied and structured.

Pinot Noir - Coteaux des Cerises

Pinot Noir vinified as a red wine, offering a deep ruby color, with intense red reflections.

Crémant d'Alsace - Cuvée Traditionnelle 37,5cl

Resulting from the alliance of noble Alsatian grape varieties and the traditional method of making Crémants, the Crémant d’Alsace enjoys of a growing personality and reputation.

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