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The purplish color of the Pinot Gris grape made us want to macerate on the same principle as Pinot Noir. Thus, it allows to extract on the one hand the color, but also more material and structure. It is a dry and aromatic wine, the ideal companion for long summer evenings ...

It is a Pinot Gris with orange reflections, a salmon color, a charming rosé.

Fruit aromas mingle with milky, sweet and engaging notes.

Although dry, the wine leaves a pleasant sensation of smoothness and smoothness in the mouth. The finish is structured and harmonious.

  • Serving suggestions / Wine : As an aperitif, during a convivial moment with friends, let yourself be tempted by a platter of cold meats, rillettes, tapas, tapenade, raw vegetables, toasts and pizzas. At mealtimes, don't hesitate to serve it with grilled fish and meats with herbs and spices, chicken skewers, summer salads ... For cheese lovers, don't worry, you can enjoy it with pleasure with fresh goat or sheep cheeses. And finally, for the final touch, let yourself be tempted by combining it with a strawberry pie, a cup of red fruits or a crumble of red fruits ...
  • Serving temperature : 10-12°C
  • Keeping : 10 à 15 ans

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