Le Sylvaner (cépage)Le Sylvaner (cépage)


Fresh and light wine with delicate and discreet fruity. Accompanies with happiness the seafood, the fish and the delicatessen.

Le Riesling (cépage)Le Riesling (cépage)


Great success of the Alsatian soil, it’s a wine with a delicate fruity and a bouquet of great finesse. Incomparable on fish, shellfish, seafood, white meats and of course sauerkraut. Accompanies with distinction the most refined dishes.

Le Gewurtzraminer (cépage)Le Gewurtzraminer (cépage)


Racey, full-bodied and well-structured, with an elegant bouquet of flowers, exotic fruits or spices, that envelop the nose and fills the mouth beautifully. Sumptuous with exotic cuisine, strong cheeses and of course aperitif and desserts.

Le Muscat d'Alsace (cépage)Le Muscat d'Alsace (cépage)

Muscat d'Alsace

Dry with an inimitable fruity. It is a wonderful aperitif and a delicious wine of receptions.

Le Pinot Blanc (cépage)Le Pinot Blanc (cépage)

Pinot Blanc

It combines freshness and suppleness and represents the ideal all-purpose Alsace wine. It is perfect with most foods.

Le Pinot Gris (cépage)Le Pinot Gris (cépage)

Pinot Gris

Opulent, full-bodied and well-structured, it has complex vegetal aromas, smoky or roasted notes. It loves good food, foie gras, white meats, game, offal and roasts.

Le Pinot Noir (cépage)Le Pinot Noir (cépage)

Pinot Noir

Dry wine, red or rosé with aromas of red fruits and especially cherry. It suited perfectly with red meats, game, delicatessen, goat’s cheese or Gruyère.

Le Chasselas (cépage)Le Chasselas (cépage)


After being one of the main Alsatian grape varieties, it now represents less than 1% of the vines in Alsace. Usually in the composition of the Edelzwicker, it is very rarely found in mono-grape variety.

The Chasselas gives a dry, light and refreshing wine, subtly fruity, very pleasant and recognizable by its grape taste.
It goes very well with finely cooked fish, St Jacques shells...

  • Le Chasselas (cépage) Le Chasselas (cépage)


It is a blended wine of several grape varieties from Alsace. It is a wine with a fruity and harmonious nose and a supple and balanced palate.