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Gewurztraminer - Cuvée St Rémy

Gewurztraminer - Cuvée St Rémy (2017)

It’s a typical Alsace grape variety, full-bodied and structured.

It is a wine with complex aromas, with notes of rose spices.

It is both tender and gourmet on the palate, with a nice balance.



  • Serving suggestions / Wine : Aperitif and reception wine. To discover on Far East cuisine, or with cheeses like Munster, Roquefort, Fourme, Epoisses. Its texture also allows us to associate it with dishes less common for this type of grape variety such as fish and crustaceans in lobster sauce, or salmon terrines.
  • Serving temperature : 10-12°C
  • Keeping : 5 à 7 ans